“The long established F. J. & G. de Saram.can often be found advising on major developments in the country ” The Asia Pacific Legal 500 - 2007 Edition

The FirmPioneering work

A bold and innovative approach and strategic thinking are the key qualities we offer to our clients and the reason the Firm has had many ‘firsts’ in Sri Lanka, including

  • Setting up the first cellular telephone company by drafting and assisting the promulgation of a set of new regulations under the then existing law which had been enacted long before the discovery of new technologies
  • Advising on establishing the legal structure that enabled scripless trading of treasury bills and debt securities on the Colombo Stock Exchange
  • Advising on the first international issue of Floating Rate Notes issued by the Government of Sri Lanka
  • Advising on the first ever issue of Floating Rate Notes by a business organisation of Sri Lanka
  • Setting up the first flag of opportunity shipping company in Sri Lanka
  • Setting up the first offshore company in Sri Lanka
  • Structuring the first securitization of receivables from sales at tea auctions and the first securitisation of receivables from electricity consumers
  • Formulating a scheme to enable a leading development bank to carry on commercial banking including drafting the enabling legislation and regulations to overcome the then existing statutory limitations
  • Setting up the first four unit trusts in Sri Lanka
  • Establishing the first employee share ownership trust for a publicly listed company
  • Setting up the first voluntary regulatory frame work for print media
  • Advising on the first initial publicly offering in Sri Lanka which followed a book building exercise
  • Setting the precedent of invoking the inherent powers of court to compel a company to have on its board a court appointed director
  • Instituting the first ever anti monopoly litigation