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Corporate Services (Private) Limited (CSL) was incorporated in 1978 with the objective of undertaking the corporate secretarial work of the clients of the Firm. Owing to the standard of the work provided by CSL which, being staffed entirely by lawyers, had (and still has) the added advantage of its legal precision, CSL gradually drew clients of its own thereby expanding its practice to its current state.

CSL now handles corporate secretarial work for over 300 companies ranging from public companies listed and unlisted, private companies and companies limited by guarantee.

Besides the regular functions of corporate secretaries, including convening meetings of directors and shareholders, acting as secretaries at such meetings, keeping records and minutes thereof and of circular resolutions, filing all forms and returns with the Registrar of Companies, maintaining all statutory books etc., CSL also acts as the registrars to several public listed companies in handling all issues relating to the shareholding and the shareholders of such companies including transfers and transmissions of shares, liaising with the Colombo Stock Exchange and the Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka on compliance requirements, handling dividends etc. CSL also acts as Registrars of share issues (rights, bonus private placements etc.), registrars and managers to mandatory and voluntary offers, and as Trustees of share trusts.

CSL also renders services to Registered Overseas Companies, handling all compliance requirements under the Companies Act in relation to such overseas companies.

Besides rendering its services on a pro bono basis to client companies/trusts involved in charitable activities, representatives of CSL also conduct work shops, as and when required, for law students.

Communications with CSL should be addressed to :

216 de Saram Place,
Colombo 10,
Sri Lanka
Tel : (+94) (11) 2 669771
Email :